North Carolina Early Learning and Development Progressions: Birth to Five

Domain: NC Foundations for Early Learning: Emotional and Social Development (ESD)

Subdomain: Developing a Sense of Self

Goal: Children express positive feelings about themselves and confidence in what they can do.

Skill Progression: Expresses confidence in abilities and persistence toward goals

Age: 42-48 Months

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Self-initiates, plans, and organizes problem solving without assistance

Situations for Observation of Skill

Observe or discuss with adults how the child organizes his play.

Elicitation Strategy

Give the child a choice of activities to do. Provide the materials or situation needed and let the child carry out the activity independently.

Behavior Observed

The child’s plans a whole activity independently.

Routines-based Intervention (Embedded Instruction)

The child’s plans a whole activity independently.

 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 2015

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