North Carolina Early Learning and Development Progressions: Birth to Five

Skills for ages 12-15 Months

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Cognitive Development

Puts objects on top of each other

Performs deferred imitation of actions of others (adults, siblings, peers)

Names pictures in books

Watches adults and anticipates their actions

Knows what adult wants them to do

May know an action is out-of- bounds, but decides to do it anyway

Shows intense interest in speech sounds and music

Sustains interest in pictures for 2 to 5 minutes

Actually dances with weight-shifting, not just bouncing

Makes random scribbles with crayon or marker using fisted grasp

Cares for doll (i.e. puts to bed, feeds, etc.)

Enjoys being around other children

Engages in doll play, recreating nurturing of parents

Participates with parent doing household routines (washing plastic dishes, wiping high chair table, etc.)

Shares toys with family, friends, and siblings

Knows all family members and friends, cautious with strangers

Says numbers 1,2 but with no meaning

Keeps track of quantities up to 3 (when they are moved out of sight)

Nests 3 round containers

Places one block on top of another

Dumps and fills

Time: Aware that certain events follow each other (nap, drink)

Aware of time sequences or activity sequences (i.e. night followed by day; socks on before shoes)

Notices patterns in carpets, shirts, etc. with pointing or words

Places objects into categories (blocks, animals, food)

Selects, discriminates, compares and sorts by color and shape or another feature (incorrect at times)

Places circle in puzzle

Stacks rings, though may not be in right order

Matches block shapes to build a tower of 3-4 blocks

Makes a detour to get to an object

Shifts body weight to walk on sloped surface

Shows categorization of function (object use)

Places objects in categories (animals, food, plants)

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