North Carolina Early Learning and Development Progressions: Birth to Five

Domain: NC Foundations for Early Learning: Emotional and Social Development (ESD)

Subdomain: Learning About Feelings

Goal: Children recognize and respond to the needs and feelings of others.

Skill Progression: Recognizes and responds to needs and feelings of others

Age: 36-42 Months

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Demonstrates awareness of others’ thoughts, feelings, and perceptions (Talks about how others

Situations for Observation of Skill

Carry on a discussion while looking at an interesting book.

Elicitation Strategy

Use a picture dictionary or other similar book to discuss preferences. Talk about different family members and friends thoughts and feelings about people, animals, places, etc.

Behavior Observed

The child carries on discussions about what different people like or dislike. He is still guided in selections by his own preferences, but recognize others have different ideas.

Routines-based Intervention (Embedded Instruction)

Caring about others requires understanding that others have different thoughts and preferences. Encourage early childhood educators and parents to talk about themselves, others, and book, T.V. and movie characters. What do they like? What would they do in certain situations? How would they feel about different things?

 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 2015

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