North Carolina Early Learning and Development Progressions: Birth to Five

Domain: NC Foundations for Early Learning: Language Development and Communication (LDC)

Subdomain: Foundations for Reading

Goal: Children develop interest in books and motivation to read.

Skill Progression: Develop interest in books and motivation to read

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List of Skills by Age

1-2 Months

Examines contrasting patterns

2-4 Months

Touches pictures

Stares intently at pictures

4-6 Months

Recognizes familiar objects and people

6-8 Months

Brings book to mouth to chew

Holds book in both hands

Helps adult turn pages by pushing them to the left, after the adult has separated a page

8-10 Months

Reaches for books to hold

Examines pictures when items are pointed to

Gestures to indicate desire to read a book again

Sits on adult’s lap and attends to several books in a row

10-12 Months

Turns pages (maybe more than one at a time)

Pulls books off shelf

12-15 Months

Turns inverted book upright

Sustains interest in named pictures for 2-5 minutes

Uses “book babble” (jargon sounds like reading)

Searches for favorite pictures in a book

15-18 Months

Carries a book around while walking

Holds a book open to look at it independently

Gets a book and gives it to the adult to read

18-21 Months

Points to pictures and says, “What’s that?”

Manipulates a variety of interactive books

“Reads” a book independently for several minutes

21-24 Months

Engages in reading behavior by verbalizing while looking at pictures

May use books as a transitional object

24-27 Months

Protests when adult misreads a word in a familiar book; offers correct word

Recites whole phrases from favorite stories

27-30 Months

Recites text from a familiar predictable book

Requests adult read the same book repeatedly

30-33 Months

Tells what the story is about based on the picture

Coordinates text read (words) with pictures (e.g., finds aspects of text in the pictures)

33-36 Months

Asks questions about the pictures, vocabulary, and story

36-42 Months

Tells story when looking at a familiar book

Listens to longer stories

Discusses actions in pictures

42-48 Months

Understands relationship between related pictures

Sequences events in stories

48-54 Months

Talks about favorite books with peers

Asks questions and comments on a book indicating understanding and interest in a topic or event

54-60 Months

Asks adult to buy or check out specific topics, books, or authors

Demonstrates preferences in types of books to read (e.g., story, humorous, nonfiction, science, poetry, etc.)

 North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 2015

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